Frequently Asked Questions

What is Modern Square Dancing?

Imagine following the verbal direction of a 'Caller' in coordinated action to the beat of contemporary music with seven other individuals; forming flowing patterns of well choreographed, yet unrehearsed dance. This is the challenge and the joy of Modern Square Dance.

Why is it called "Square" Dance?

"Squares" are groups of four couples dancing together for one "Tip" which lasts about 15 minutes. The starting position has the four couples facing each other along the edges of an imaginary Square on the floor. Individuals (or couples) typically participate in different Squares for each Tip, having a chance to greet and socialize with most participants throughout the dance.

I'm not a Fan of Country Music!

We dance to music provided by the Callers, a wide selection of contemporary, up-beat music including nostalgic rock, pop, show tunes, current hits, and occasionally even country or rap.

Petticoats are not my style...

While 'traditional outfits' are preferred by some of our participants they are no longer expected. Many dancers prefer casual dress and are welcome at both weekly workshops and weekend party dances, The primary suggestion is to wear comfortable, smooth soled, lower heel shoes that that you'd find comfortable walking in for a couple miles. 

Do I need to a bring a partner to the dance?

No, although dancing is choreographed for couples many singles participate and are welcome.  Experienced dancers ("Angels") offer to partner with beginners during lessons and workshops to help newer dancers learn. We work to assure everyone has opportunities to participate throughout the dance. Some singles even find new life partners through dancing.

I'm not very coordinated, is Square Dance hard to learn?

It doesn't take any particular experience or style. Most say if you can walk you can learn to Square Dance. Choreography is broken up into short directions (Calls).  Each Call describes movement performed by either two or all four couples for 2 to about 32 beats of music. There are no long sequences of choreography to memorize. 

Is it Good Exercise?

Square Dancing is excellent, low impact cardio exercise. Dancing every tip in a typical two hour dance delivers 4-6,000 steps. Studies show regular Dancing can add 10 years to your life!